Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Term Two

Helping Hands

We have been doing an inquiry unit this term inquiring about who helps us at home? Who do we help? Who helps us at school? Who helps us in the community? We have found out lots.
One of the activities we did was come up with some personalised questions for Mr Gilmore, Mr Moss, Mrs Pattersen and Mrs Bartosh about what we think they do during the day: They all responded via video or a tour and told us what they really did!
We got to go in BOTH of Mr Moss' sheds!
*Mrs Bartosh sent us some BRILLIANT VIDEOS!
*We spoke with Mrs Pattersen in the Library.

We made our very own HATS!

We had to switch them and add decorations. Our parents and grandparents came to help us out. Our heads are going to be nice and warm during winter. 

Cross Country

We trained very hard for our Kowhai team Cross Country! 
    Girls                                                              Boys
Jolene- 1st                                                Gabe-1st
Lola- 2nd                                                  Nathan- 2nd (from room 9) 
June- 3rd (from room 9)                                        Jack- 3rd  

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Term One

 We are learning about 2D and 3D shapes. We went on a Shape Hunt, we found out that shapes are EVERYWHERE!

The Lego exhibition was AMAZING! The Hall was filled with lego, lego and more lego. Some of us even put some lego into the exhibition.

We learnt how to use a new app on our ipads. It's called pic collage.

We used it to make zero waste lunch boxes... 
What does zero waste mean? Ask a child from Room 10, they can tell you!

We enjoyed having library time with our whanau buddies from room 5


We put our blue hats on and planned our chalk art out on a piece of paper first, then we header outside to create!

Kowhai Team Discovery Time OUTSIDE!